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Terms & Conditions

By accessing this website, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, all applicable laws and regulations.

Everyone is welcomed at Fast & Light tours and activities, as long as he/she is mentally and physically healthy and willing to respect the other participants and the whole procedure. Children are under the supervision of their parents. Each excursion on our page lists the conditions for participation.

All participants must be cooperative and strictly follow the given instructions, which will be given in Greek and English, for the avoidance of unwanted events.

All participants are required to pay a deposit (30% of the total amount) in order to secure their position in the tour.

In case of cancelation:

  1. If the cancelation occurs up to 4 days before the scheduled tour, the amount will be fully refunded
  2. If the cancelation occurs 1 to 3 days before the scheduled tour the deposit will be withheld
  3. In case the excursion was for your own group and the entire tour is canceled (3 days before the excursion), then the advance payment is reserved (30% of the total amount)
  4. In case there is absence from the program the deposit  will be withheld.
  5. In the event of an alteration to the program of the anticipated hike, all participants will be noted via email and phone. Participants can accept the change or cancel their participation. In case of cancellation they will be refunded for the whole amount they have paid without any further claim from the company
  6. In case Fast & Light is forced to cancel the tour due to adverse weather conditions or lack of participants, you will receive a full refund of the advance payment.

In case of cooperation with other service providers (accommodation, travel agencies etc) their own payment and cancellation policies apply as well.

The use of alcohol or other substances are prohibited for the whole duration of  the excursion tour.

Fast & Light disclaims responsibility for any property loss or accident  that is due to non-compliance with the provided instructions

Each participant is responsible for bringing the gear that is needed and stated for the expedition they have reserved, if not, the Fast & Light team must be informed in time to provide the necessary equipment, upon relevant request.

During the expedition, the program may be altered due to safety and force majeure reasons (intense weather conditions etc).If the participants do not accept the change and wish to withdraw, Fast & Light is not obliged to refund money.

In the event that a member of the group does not comply with the instructions given, is a danger to himself / the group, or for health reasons Fast & Light have the right to exclude him from some parts of the tour without having to pay compensation or refund.

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