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Welcome to the Fast & Light project!

Parnitha mountain

We are a team who loves mountain hiking trips and we want to share this passion with you.

Our founder, Ioannis Poulopoulos was inspired to start the Fast & Light project by his passion for nature, hiking and his constant need to push himself further. It is a project based on sharing and creating bonds with nature, others and oneself.

We provide short or long term nature getaways in greek mountains, for private or small groups, who are looking to escape the pressure of daily life and revitalize.Thanks to our many years of experience and the many hiking routes we have done, we have had the opportunity to discover great landscapes of Greek nature, which often remain unseen. As a result of our experience, we have developed a unique bond with the Greek mountains and the natural world. Through this relationship feelings of admiration, fulfillment and respect, cannot but emerge. We are increasingly becoming more aware of our connection with nature and the importance of protecting it. We want to share this connection and this experience with you. Through a series of carefully selected routes and excursions, we aim to guide you through the greek landscapes, with safety.

Your experience should be one you will never forget. Our goal is to share with you our passion for the protection of the environment and the Greek mountains, thus gain another ally in this battle.

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