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Parnitha: 10 Things You Don’t Know About

Parnitha mountain facts

Parnitha, the largest of the 5 mountains of Attica with its impressive history over the centuries taking place across the whole range of the mountain, from the foothills to its peaks. Although it is a very popular destination for nature lovers, few are aware of its special characteristics that make it stand out.

Did you know that:

    1. The fortresses of Parnitha are characterized as important historical monuments which were started to be built by the Athenians after the defeat of the Persians, in Western Parnitha. These days, going up the mountain, you come across ruins of fortresses built over the centuries – in different historical periods, with the most important being the “Fortress of Fili” at an altitude of 687m.
    2. In varimpompi, there is a tomb, probably of the ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles, and that place has been declared an archaeological site
    3. The Cave of Pan in Parnitha was a place of worship of God Pan and the Nymphs from the 4th century BC, according to research.
    4. In the mountainous part of Parnitha, only one monastery was built, dedicated to Agia Triada, in its place today there is a small chapel. Due to the lack of roads, the snowfall during the winter months and the long distance, it was difficult to travel and transport the building materials.
      However, at the foot of the mountain you can find older and newer monasteries, such as the “Moní Koimíseos Theotókou Kleistón” from the 17th century, the male monastery dedicated to Saints Cyprian and Justin built in 1961 etc.
    5. On Mount Parnitha there is the former Sanatorium built, which was donated by “Moni Petraki” in 1914, to Evangelismos Hospital, for the purpose of caring for patients suffering from tuberculosis.At that time, the disease had affected a large population, and many people were hospitalized in the Sanatorium of Parnitha, including the well-known poet Giannis Ritsos.
    6. Mount Parnitha is the largest in height and area of the mountains of Attica and has a total of 17 peaks.The highest peak is called Karavola and has an altitude of 1413 m, and the lowest is called Flamburi and is at 1158 m.
    7. There are two mountain shelters for visitors to the mountain.
      Bafi at 1,160 m and Flabouri at 1,158 m.
    8. The temperature in Parnitha is 7 degrees Celsius lower than the rest of Attica, while in the most mountainous areas the temperature drops by 2-6 degrees.The climate of Parnitha is considered extremely healthy. This was also the reason why the sanatorium was built on this mountain, in the so-called “Xenia” building.
    9. Since 1961, the largest volume of the Parnitha mountain has been classified as a national park by founding decree, in order to be able to preserve its rich wild fauna and flora.
    10. The mountain of Parnitha has been included in the NATURA 2000, for the protection of birds (spa).
      Additionally, after the fire of 2007, many parts of it have been declared by Presidential Decree as protection areas.
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