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The Benefits of Hiking

Parnitha mountain hiking

There are plenty of reasons for someone to start hiking. Here we have some of our favorite reasons that make us love it even more.


Get in touch with nature

Usually the most beautiful places are the ones that are not easily accessible. Through hiking and mountaineering, you have the opportunity to get to wonderful landscapes, which are usually not accessible by any other means but your feet. Prepare to discover sceneries that you have only seen in pictures, to walk into breathtaking forests and find that nature’s creativity doesn’t have a limit. Through this activity, you will be given the opportunity to connect deeply with nature and appreciate all that it has to offer.

Improve your physical health

One of the various reasons to start hiking or mountaineering is its countless benefits for physical and mental health. Although some people might view it as a challenging exercise, the benefits are great and it’s definitely worth it.
As a physical activity, hiking contributes significantly to improving our physical health and developing a better relationship with our body.
It is also one of the many ways to lower the chances of developing heart disease. Walking and mountain climbing increase the amount of lipoprotein in your blood. HDL, known as “good cholesterol”, aids in the collection of the harmful LDL and transports it to the liver to be removed. Additionally, while your heart rate rises while hiking, the levels of triglycerides found in your body, decreases, protecting you from cardiovascular diseases.
Moreover, mountain climbing requires moving uphill against gravity, a process that involves muscle strain which contributes to an increase in bone density. As a result, the bones become more resilient, thus preventing related disorders, such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

Improve your mental health

In addition to physical fitness, hiking also plays a crucial role in improving your mental health. It has been proven that taking part in physical activities in nature might lessen the negative thoughts that are connected to sadness and anxiety. Endorphins, also known as hormones of happiness, are produced through exercise. Endorphins increase the feeling of euphoria, improve mood and balance out high adrenaline levels, reducing stress.
Mountaineering is an activity that emphasizes goal- setting and coordinated effort. Achieving a goal, like reaching the summit of a mountain, cultivates the sense of achievement that follows us. As a result of this fact, your self- worth and confidence will increase.

Lose weight

Mountaineering and hiking are great workouts for those who want to lose weight. It is estimated that hikers burn 60 to 300 calories for every kilometer of hiking or climbing. Additionally, research has shown that staying in a high altitude environment contributes to weight loss. More specifically, extended stays at higher altitudes speed up the body’s metabolism, causing it to digest proteins, carbs and fats more quickly. It’s no coincidence that mountain communities tend to have considerably lower obesity rates than those living at sea level.


Hiking and mountaineering, although it may not be obvious, are deeply social activities. The concept of the group dominates while the conditions that take place encourage people to form relationships. Joining a small group of people is a great opportunity to socialize and get to know others who share your interests.
At the same time, it might be the perfect setting for you to open up and bond with your friends or family, creating memories that you will remember for a long time.

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